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   Motomimi was born in JAPAN, She spent her early years of life cultivating a strong sensibility and apprecation for her traditional roots. She grew up surrounded by flowers and beautidul natures ( her family being in the gardening business) which become her major inspiration for design.

   At a young age she showed a love for all things fashionable and everything related to the art of costuming spending countless hours dreaming pf making the costumes for the people she saw on t.v.

   Her love developed into a deep passion which led her to studies at the UCLA extension division for fashion and an earned degree from the esteemed ESMODE JAPON in Tokyo.She garnered serious work experience with ISSEI MIYAKE while still in JAPAN.

   The winds of fortune landed her in New York City in 1993, where she quickly accumulated a body of vast experiences in Off Broadway Shows, Video, Film, wedding design, addvertising and live performance.

   Her reputation quickly was established as a designer with true artistic and humanistic aesthetic leading her work for some of the greatest performers of our time including: JANET JACKSON, TOKYO SHOCK BOYS, MARIKO MORI,  Japanologist Mr. Danald keene and many others.

  2005, Motomimi lanched her own original brand "motomimi" at her shop in NOHO and Astoria NewYork. But, 2009 She was in dire crisis as an artist it becomes partial paralysis suffered a cerbral infarction. And, to the present and by repeating the rehabilitation.

   March 11th 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear accidents was converted largely her family and her life.

 Her limbs of movement paralysis was to suffer and to further despair with each passing day.... but, She continues to encourage the people of the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear accidents in JAPAN, based on her own experience of September 11 attacks, now, she stood up from the abyss of despair.

   Through quite humble and self effacing by September 11 attacks and March 11th the Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear accidentsall natures and all her lifes obstacles and appriciation for all natures made her philosophy. It is to bring joy, happiness, beauty, healthy, love and peace to people through her designs and her unique personality leads on to expect the unexpected.

    A special talent definitly worth keeping on eye on!!!  Now, humble Motomimi begun to re- challenge for WORLD PEACE.







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