born in  Japan,  

lives and works in New York 


Designer, Patternner, DRESMAKER, TAYLOR DESIGNER and,,,,, ARTIST







2017 -    shows costume for *CLOWN Mariko Iwasa     *Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey CIRCUS

               stage costumes  for April Henry 

2015 -    stage costumes  for April Henry

2014 -    a social justice an artist "Motomimi"  producing for 2016 exhibition in SOHO,NewYork

​2011 -    Gymnastics costumes for Fukushima Kids in Japan

2007 -     *** ZAGATT  Fashion Section Three STAR  5 years ***

     "The New York Times", Style section,

                "The NewYorker", "Time Out New York", "ABC- TV"......etc post on introduced as a Designer

2007 -    start "motomimi" rental special KIMONO for individual, artist, paforming and wedding

2005 -    Own Boutiue "Mimi's Closet" OPEN   in NewYork

2004 -    Boutique "MOTOMIMI" OPEN "NewYork EGE" fashion mall in NOHO, NYC

1995 -     Establish  *MOTOMIMI*  in NewYork City  work for as an artist 

                start  "Costume Designer"  "Custom order" and  "Production Designer"

1993 -     Move to NewYork, USA  for her work "Tailor and Dressmaker"  in Midd Town, NewYork

1988 -     study "Pari Style Fashion"  Modelist and Stylism at  "ESMODE JAPON" in Tokyo ,JAPAN

1987 -     study " American Style Costume" at  "UCLA EXTENSION DIVISION" in LA, USA




Selected Work Experience History :

Group, Off-Broadway shows, OTHERS and Exhibitions 


2016 -        " In Case of Emergency" Group show  Curated by, aricoco, HERE Arts Center in SOHO in NYC   March 10th to April 30th

2015 -         stage costumes for *April Henry*

2014 -         start work as social justice an artist Motomimi in NYC

2011 -         Project FUKUSHIMA   team O- furoshiki 

                   "projects for anti-nuclear/ anti- war movement by fabrick sawing art  in FUKUSHIMA, JAPAN"

2011 -      * April Henry *      eWorld Music Award musician 

                    Award Song  "NEW DAY"  by. April Henry   music video crip Costume made

2001 -      * JANET  JACKSON *   Costumes for  song "All for You"  MTV  live

                   "New York  Youth  Festival"   250 Kid's Costumes  made  with by Unicef,  at the Carnegyie Hall,  the Madison Squere

1999 -      * Mariko Mori* " Nirvana"  Costumes and ART EXHIVISION  at BROOKLYN MUSEUM OF ART in Brooklyn, NY            

1998 -      * Mr. Donald keene *  "Love Suicide Story at Amejima"  at Colombia  Universal Art  Thater,

                    Off-  Broadway Show, at the Miller Thater and La Ma Ma Thater  in NYC

1997 -      * Tokyo Shock Boys *  Off- Broadway Show, at Minettalane Theater in Grinich Village in NYC

                    CM for SHISEIDO in NYC,

                    Late Show with David Letterman, in NYC

                    "A Flower of Water"  Off- Broadway Show, at the Theater Row Theater in NYC

 1996 -      * Mariko Mori *   project team  work for costume production 

                     many of costumes at many Gallery and  Museam by Mariko Mori  Exsivision    

                     Brooklyn Museam,   Museum of Contenporary Art, Chicago,  Gallery Koyanagi,  

                     Serpentin Gallery, London, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles.... more 

                    " Walk on the SOHO side " at the YOJI YAMAMOTO show room in NYC

1993 -        move to New York, USA    work as a Tailor and Dressmaker 

                    Brothers & Co Inc , J- press, BARNEYS NEW YORK 

1991 -         worked for  * ISSEY MIYAKE*  associate inc in Tokyo JAPAN





* ISSEY MIYAKE      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Issey_Miyake


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*  JANET  JACKSON            https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janet_Jackson

​* The Tokyo Shock Boys       https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Shock_Boys

* SHISEIDO, AUBE, DOVE, GINZA magazine,Hi Fashion magazine, Ryukou magazine... etc

and more