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Disaster prevention hood width is a simple armor to protect the head in the event of a disaster. Disaster prevention hood width is a simple armor to protect the head with the air defense head width used as the prototype at the end of the Pacific WW2, and two pieces of cushion and other cushioning materials(not Chemical fiber) are put together in a strong cloth rectangular bag It is what made it possible to wear on your head. Usually, it is readily available at emergency, readily accessible position, and when wearing a disaster it is worn on the head to protect the head. Because of its nature, use flame retardant fiber etc so that it can also cope with fire, contain water in protecting the head from the heat of fire Include water There are many products to protect from hanging from the head to the shoulder However, when a hard and heavy thing collides, it does not have the defense power like a helmet, it is an example of a disaster prevention hood, there are various products, usually used as a cushion near us, and also Many things have features such as being lightweight and foldable and compact storage. Even in terms of heat resistance, it can be expected to protect the head and hair from surrounding heat, even in a short period of time, even if it is not wet, than a general helmet called a safety cap such as fiber reinforced plastic. In Japan, it is spread in the predicted area of ​​the Tokai earthquake from around the 1970s, and in elementary schools such as south Kanto and Tokai region, junior high schools, etc. see schools owned by all the students as one of the standard school supplies . And now, each household has BOSAI=HOOD for disaster prevention. Also in Japan 's parliament building it is said that disaster prevention hood is provided under the seat of the parliament. This is due to the fact that there is a risk that fragments such as chandeliers will fall in the same building. In countries where there are many natural disasters and countries without natural disasters, I recommend that you have disaster prevention in countries where war, especially the during war country.

​During WW2 in Japan 1939~1945          All  BOSAI-HOOD by Mother's handmade       2016 at School evacuation drills

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