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Fukushima! Mission Statement!!! by Project FUKUSHIMA✨

Fukushima! Mission Statement

On August 15, 2011. was will hold a festival focused on music in Fukushima. We will also carry out diverse project on a long-term basis using this event as a springboard.

The little for the event is Fukushima.

Not No More Fukushima not Stand Up Fukushima. but just Fukushima! free of any adjectives. We want to start by looking at Fukushima in its current state. unvarnished by any words. it is with such a thought in mind that unvarnished by any words. It is with such a thought in mind that musicians and poets who were born and rased in Fukushima came together.

Same may feel that this is no timer a festival, given that Fukushima is faced not only with the damage of the earthquake and the tsunami, but also with a crippled nuclear power plant for which solutions are nowhere in sight.

Despite that, or rather precisely for that reason, we believe that we need music and poetry and art that hold the potential of pointing us to a possible viewpoint on and direction for how to confront really.

Fukushima has come to be known around the world with a stigma. But we will not give up on Fukushima. Even amidst a crisis that may cause our home towns to be lost, we would like to think about the future of Fukushima by retaining its connection with the outside world and the hope of continuing to live in this land. For that too. we need a festival. We need a place where people can gather to converse.

Through the festival, we will let the entire world know about Fukushima as it is now, and as it will be in the future.

We are determined to turn Fukushima into a positive word.

May 8, 2011

Project FUKUSHIMA! Executive Committee

Ryoichi Wago, Michiro Endo, Yoshihide Otomo

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