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Aug 15th 2011 FESTIVAL FUKUSHIMA!!!!


O-FUROSHIKI as a Prologue

On August 15th,2011. a music centered festival called “8.15 FUKUSHIMA” A Synchronized World wide Festival” was held in Fukushima.

This festival marked the kick-off of “Project FUKUSHIMA”, a multi-faceted project launched by two musicians and one poet, each with a strong connection to Fukushima along with numerous others involved in activities in diverse fluid of culture Its mission statement states; “We are determined to turn Fukushima, a name which now has a stigma attached to it worldwide, into a positive world.” You may find this a bit too ambitious; you may think we “unfolded an O-Furoshiki,” - a Japanese expression, that means “blowing one’s own trumpet”? but,inspired by this idiomatic expression, the “Fukushima O-Furoshiki” event was carried out as part of the festival.For this event numerous people had collected vast stretches of cloth, sewn them together, and literally unfolded and spread the resultant huge furoshiki-cloth right across the entire lawn of the venue.Village ofFour Seasons (Shiki-no-Sato)., from the collecting of the cloths to the unfolding of the gigantic Furoshiki.

in other words, unfolding our gigantic Furoshiki was just the beginning, as nothing else has happened yet except the unfolding itself. “Project FUKUSHIMA!.” will be a long-term project and it has just begun. If you are interested, let’s take actions together, however modest. Let's remain active until the day when our Furoshiki is fully filled with significant contents.

Team O-furoshiki made wonderful job!!!!

It was Awesome!!!!! Project for social ARTS!!!

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